FLIEGER F47-02D Wulf – Hands-On Review

19 Jul 2015, Posted by Panzera Admin in F47 Reviews, Latest News


FLIEGER F47-02D Wulf


FLIEGER F47-02D HANDS ON REVIEW “…The feature that caught my eye immediately was the fact that there is a power reserve indicator on the watch. This is something that I have not seen on very many Fliegers…..”

There are a few general styles of watches that are all but iconic, and the Flieger, or Pilot watch is certainly in that class. Given that most of the designs are based on German specs of the 1940s – or watches built to those specs – many of the Flieger watches available today share a lot of similarities. This can give things a welcome consistency, and make it absolutely clear what sort of a watch you are dealing with. This can also make it somewhat trickier to tell various makes from one another. With that in mind, let’s have a closer look at what sets the PanzeraFlieger F47-02D Wulf apart.





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