BREUER B44-01D Celtic – Hands on Review

30 Oct 2015, Posted by Panzera Admin in B44 Reviews


BREUER B44-01D Celtic


BREUER 44D HANDS ON REVIEW “…the Panzera Breuer offers an affordable take on the Bauhaus design, simultaneously offering us something bigger (in terms of diameter and visual height) and slightly different from similarly designed watches….”

If aviator watches (aka Fliegers) are one of the most popular and recognizable styles of watches that have come from Germany, then the Bauhaus style watches of the ’50s and ’60s (and of course, what we see today) cannot be that far behind. What is interesting is that is the path that we have followed with the watches from Australian brand Panzera. The last watch we took a look at from the brand was their Flieger, and today, we are looking at their Bauhaus entry, the Panzera Breuer… READ MORE