The All New FLIEGER 47 MECHANICA Collection

27 Dec 2016, Posted by Panzera Admin in General, Latest News


Introducing the The Flieger 47 MECHANICA Collection, our “all new” Flieger Pilots range for 2017.

The development of the new Flieger F47 MECHANICA range has spanned a period of more than 3 years that involved design, manufacturing, testing and quality control. Our aim was to create the perfect PANZERA “Flieger” pilots watch in terms of design, function, quality and affordability. The introduction of a new movement, our proprietary S-LEX ultra hardened domed crystal, plus day and date function are just some of the new features you will find with the new Flieger 47 MECHANICA for 2017. 

In terms of design, the Flieger 47 MECHANICA collection focuses special attention to the progression of modern aviation; by introducing a striking seconds hand tipped with red and white stripes symbolic of the propellor blades used in aircraft from yesteryear and an intricately decorated case back depicting the blades of a jet turbine used in the aircraft of today. 

The new Flieger 47 MECHANICA Collection has also undergone extensive and extreme condition testing with our Aerobatic Stunt Pilot Amir Zohgi, also know as “The Red Baron”. A timepiece is a critical and compulsory piece of equipment to be worn by all pilots and must be accurate, easily readable, and withstand extreme pressures of up to 10 G-Force (or 10 times the force of gravity). The Flieger 47 MECHANICA range has been thoroughly tested in these extreme flying conditions without losing +1 or -1 seconds between pre and post flight testing. 

An extremely robust timepiece, the Flieger 47 MECHANICA is guaranteed to perform at the highest levels of accuracy, making it the pilots modern vintage watch of choice.



F47-02M WULF