FLIEGER F47-06D Klemm Ltd – Hands on Review

20 Mar 2015, Posted by Panzera Admin in F47 Reviews, Latest News


FLIEGER F47-06D Klemm Ltd


FLIEGER F47-06D HANDS ON REVIEW “…All these features at this price, you really get a lot of watch for the price. Not to mention the very cool packaging. It is a great deal for all that you get……”

The packaging on the Flieger 47 is very unique with that vintage World War II feel about it. You are first greeted by a nice wooden box with a sliding style lid. The box is decorated with Military Automatikuhr Entworfen 1938 translates to military automatic designed. It also features more German text Bestanden 1938-Files 1938 and Militarische Nutzung-Military Use. The sliding lid is decorated with the Panzera name and Flieger 47. When you slide the lid back, there is a black cardboard box decorated with Panzera name and anchor logo. Slide open…READ MORE